5 Days 'Camino de Assisi'


Powerful and relaxed on one’s own path

We hit the trail with men who want to...

... get out of their usual environment to leave everything behind for a while 
... spend time with themselves and their most important questions
... re-energize in stillness and reconnect with their „True Nature“

To walk in nature or to go on a pilgrimage has a very long tradition. More and more people in our fast paced society rediscover it as a source for inner power and as a path to reconnect with themselves.
With our three to seven day programs we provide a „short time sabbatical“ for like-minded men , who are looking for new answerers to important questions or who want to find a deeper connection with their “True Nature”. 


Connecting with nature is at the center of this program.
With the „External Nature“ and with our „Internal Nature“

Key elements of the common path are:

• Selected methods with reflections as initiators for new answers and perspectives
• Inspiration by nature for the topics of the participants
• The ongoing pulsation between action and relaxation, from walking to stillness
• Access to the “True Nature” to find one’s own path
• Exchange between like minded man
• Fun, joy and sometimes challenges 
• Good food and wine as constant companions

Literally speaking, we are following the footsteps of Franz from Assisi, a middle-age reformer and revolutionary through parts of Tuscany and Umbria in Italy. We will get inspired by his insights and experiences from a time which – similar to our current times – were dominated by big changes and a strong focus on the materialistic. His answers about inner freedom and the essence of live and his deep connection with nature can still give us orientation and meaning in our complex world today.



690 € + VAT
Earlybird*  590 € + VAT

690 € incl. VAT 
Earlybird*  590 € incl. VAT

Cost for travel, meals and rooms are not included (* Earlybird until April 30th)

Comments from participants
• „I developed confidence on my new path“ (Coach)
• „Highlights were the deep conversations with other men and feeling the energy of nature“ (Construction Engineer)
•  „I felt very comfortable. The group was based on respect and companionship in a new way. Lot’s of vitality and soulfulness was present.“ (CEO)


Franz Neumeyer

International Business Leader Holistic Business Coach
Work in and with Nature
Former Mountaineering Guide

Johann F. Neumeyer

Nearly 30 years Self-employed
Experience in Leadership and Sales
Work in and with Nature