Seminars, Workshops

The following workshops and seminars can be provided as part of a program or separately:

4-C Leadership Development

(2 days each with half-day follow-up coaching)

  • The Leader as Conscious Creator – Inner Freedom and the power of beliefs
  • The Leader as Culture Builder – Cultural capital as key success factor for global competitiveness
  • The Leader as Community Builder – Emotional and interpersonal competence
  • The Leader as Coach – Empowerment and growth through situational leadership and coaching

Cultural Competence Development

(1 day)

  • Being global is a mindset, not a location – Global Leadership in a connected world

German-American Competence

(1 day)

  • “Do what it takes” vs. “Make no mistakes”

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
- John F. Kennedy