Global Executive Coaching

"This workshop was one of the greatest experiences of my professional career, it changed my life. Franz’s ability to listen, to let me talk, to ask the right questions at
the right time gave me the chance to figure it all out by myself. Nobody could have forced this on me; I needed to figure it out by myself.”

Harald Arndt, CEO Keiper North America

“Over the past year we have seen a significant shift in our organization that is directly correlated to engaging with your company. Your executive coaching program has allowed me keen insight and direction that have both immediate and long term benefits.”

Rolf Kleiner, Senior Vice President, General Manager, International Kelly Services Worldwide

“I would recommend Franz as both an individual and team coach. Working with him has been both challenging, but also rewarding and enjoyable.”

Cheryl Boland, Manager, Business Services and Human Resources

"Herr Neumeyer verstand es von Anfang an durch seine kompetente, integre und einfühl- same Art ein notwendiges Vertrauensverhält- nis aufzubauen. Ich danke Herrn Neumeyer für seinen herausragenden Beitrag und kann ihn für eine Coachingtätigkeit uneinge- schränkt weiterempfehlen."

Michael Knitter, Sector Sales Leader Direktvertrieb Nord-/Osteuropa

75% of Global Synergies’ clients rate their experience as “Very Valuable” and 25% as “Valuable.”

Executive Team Coaching

“Your workshop and coaching has given me and my team so much added value. The working relationship of the team has improved considerably, we are open to discuss hard topics in a constructive way, we have common goals established by all of us, so the commitment to them is very high and our meetings last less time but we accomplish more. We focus on closing tasks, look for deadlines and commitments to solve the problems and we have gone from overwhelming / exhausting tasks to a more enjoyable time working together and doing non business activities together”

Gerardo Rojas, CEO Brose Tuscaloosa (leading an executive team with four nationalities)

“The team coaching enabled our management team to understand each others capabilities, roles, and motives better. The team coaching process was done in parallel to a reorganization effort in the company and helped to align the new team with its new roles.”

Andreas Greff, President IAV Inc.

"Es war ein klasse Workshop, der viel Vorwärtsenergie für die Zusammenarbeit als Team erzeugt hat. So einen Workshop werte ich persönlich als etwas ganz Besonderes und empfinde ich als vorbildlich für die Erzeugung einer gemeinsamen Vision."

Thomas Horn, Director International Sales


"Utimaco Safeware AG, an international IT Security company with c. 400 employees worldwide had engaged Franz in order to carry out a Corporate Culture and Values Project with the Senior Management being the project team.

The objective of the project was to align the company strategy with chosen values and selected behaviours to strengthen our ability to build and sustain an international, market driven high performance company which attracts and retains talented people.

The project was designed for 2 years starting from September 2007 and included:

Phase 1: Diagnosis and culture definition
This included a corporate culture audit, individual leadership assessments for the project team and a workshop to define the target culture

Phase 2: Implementation on executive level
This included regular F2F coaching of the project team, coaching of the project team as group and intercultural training for the project team and selected staff

Phase 3: Implementation in the whole organization

This included the training of the direct reports of the project team on the culture and values, 360degree feedbacks, trainings and followup coachings for all managers in the organisation and a final corporate culture audit."

"As Utimaco Safeware was acquired by the British Sophos Group in autumn 2008 we needed to stop the project in the middle of phase 3.

Overall the project was highly welcomed in the organization. We were very satisfied with the results of defining the vision, mission and corporate values of the company. We experienced in particular a higher level of trust among the senior management team and positive development of the behavior of managers and a high awareness of the necessity to role-model these values.

Franz was very reliable and professional in supporting this project and has in-depth knowledge of all project elements outlined above and in F2F coaching. We appreciated his open communication to say his opinion and find solutions together. Moreover, he proved to be very experienced in moderating the workshops, also in the sensitive area of personal behavior and values.

Thus, we can recommend him to anyone who would like to carry out such a project."

Anja Michael
Global Head of Human Resources