Executive Team Coaching

Multi-dimensional matrix structures and global market complexities require executive teams with participants from multiple cultures. A high diversity can foster creativity and synergistic solutions, but often leads to increased conflicts, wasted energy and reduced speed. Effective, fast global executive teams who are able to use their collective intelligence hold a rare strategic competitive advantage.

Executive Team Coaching supports with its integral approach the development of trustful relations, clarity of direction, and alignment of values and interactions. 
Participants become aware of their individual, cultural and team beliefs and behaviors as well as their team strength and weaknesses. They transform into the “desired team personality” and start leveraging differences.

All coaching programs are tailored to the executive team’s situation, goals and corporate culture. Coaching takes place in English or German.


Client Experiences

Coaching in Nature

More and more teams decide to spend some of their coaching time in nature. Experience of collaboration and its transfer into the team’s business behavior significantly enhances the success rate of the transformation process.

Coaching takes place at a mountain hut south of Munich (three day minimum) or can be arranged at any other place.


"He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own."
- Confucius