Global Synergies - From Success To Significance

Global Synergies is a partner in creating holistic and meaningful transformational possibilities.

We provide transformational support through Executive Coaching, Executive Team Coaching and the Facilitation of Integral Corporate Development.

The focus of our work is on the following aspects:

We specialize in working with senior executives and business leaders within global organisations across Europe and North America.  Among our clients are mostly medium sized organisations and pioneers for transformative approaches. Together with our global Cooperation Partners we are able to provide support for multi-national corporations. Our clients come from a variety of business areas such as Manufacturing, Financials, Software, Hardware, Food and Beverage, Services and others.

The company was founded 2002 in Detroit by Franz Neumeyer, a Professional Certified Coach, Integral Transformation Specialist and former Global Executive. Today it operates form offices near Munich, Germany.

“Be the change you seek for the world”
- Mahatma Ghandi